• Under what conditions can I take a motorcycle for a test drive?

If the motorcycle of your choice is roadworthy, meaning that it is not in what we call pre-renovation condition, we will be happy to provide the motorcycle for a test drive, after you pay a security deposit equal to the purchase price. If you decide not to purchase the motorcycle, the security deposit will be refunded in full, on condition that the motorcycle is returned free of damage (yes, it has happened that a customer crashed in the first turn on his way from the showroom).

  • Can I buy a motorcycle without being personally present during purchase?

Even though we would prefer you to visit the showroom and inspect the motorcycle in person, the option to conduct the transaction on a remote basis has been used by many of our customers. In order to reduce the risk and concerns you might have about the condition of the purchased motorcycle, we are happy to provide additional detailed photographs or to arrange a videoconference with a comprehensive demonstration. If you decide to make the purchase, we calculate the shipping costs, issue an invoice, and once it has been paid, we contact the shipper to ensure that your motorcycle will be on its way to your home as soon as possible.

  • What if I couldn't find the motorcycle of my dreams among your currently available selection?

We follow closely the market and availability of motorcycles throughout Europe. Thanks to that and thanks to a large network of partners built over the years, we are able to find the exact model you're after and deliver it to your doorstep. If you use this service, however, bear in mind that you'll be required to pay a deposit before we purchase the motorcycle for you.

  • Why can your showroom be visited based on telephone appointment only?

We are well aware that the passion for collecting classic motorcycles is a hobby, where most customers visit our showroom on weekends or after work. Because of that, we conduct business based on telephone appointment only. This way, the time of a visit can be arranged to be as convenient as possible and to suit the specific needs of individual customers.